Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Some facts about pink diamonds

Pink diamond is the most elegant thing that anyone can ever get. The popularity of such thing is growing day by day. You need to spend lots of cash for grabbing one. Not all people can afford this precious gemstone. Lots of people have a vast interest to know more about this. Here, we will discuss some interesting facts about it. In North Western Australia, you will find the Argyle mine where 90% of the pink diamonds is produced. You will find such stone in various shades like brownish pink, pink, pink orchid, purple-reds etc. This is still a mystery to jewelers and scientists how this pink coloring occurs in stones. They are trying to resolve it. In some stones, this condition happen in the presence of some foreign element, but this is not true from pink one. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

We are back up!

Our blog was down for a while but after making some corrections we are now back up!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Yellow Diamonds Center

The Elizabeth White Yellow Diamond Center is a website that is all about endulging your mind, eyes and senses into the splendor that is Yellow Diamonds.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

More about Yellow Daimonds

Yellow Diamonds can vary in color. Here are a few examples: canary, yellow, orange yellow, mixed orange and yellow, brown yellow, intense yellow, vivid yellow, yellowish orange, greenish yellow, light yellow, yellowish green, light green yellow, vivid green yellow and more.

Green Yellow Diamond
Vivid Green Yellow Diamond

Much like some of the more famous of it's kind (The 375 carat Yellow Diamond from South Africa that was mined in 1901) this Yellow Diamond originaly came from a larger rough and un-cut stone, that was made into the brilliant cornered rectangle it is today. Many of these radiant special colored diamonds are cut in Amsterdam and GIA certified.

A little update on Yellow Diamonds

Although I prefer Yellow Diamonds to regular I also have a great Clear Diamond collection. Kind of like in the movies where you see a small bag full of clear diamonds. But I do not cherish them as much as the yellow ones. They are all about the same price, yellow or regular, depending on quality, brilliance, radiance and carat of course. The regular ones I just hold on to for the keeping. My Canary and Yellow Diamonds are special to me.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Yellow Diamonds

The Yellow Diamond

My favorite Diamonds have to be the Fancy Yellow Diamonds for when it comes to Colored Diamonds I like mine as radiant as possible. By their nature Yellow Diamonds are found in South Africa and Australia with an amost glow in the dark natural brightness. After being cut the Yellow Diamond becomes even more brilliant.

Here is a photo of my favorite one. Just look at that Color. as if it were on fire.

Some large Yellow Diamonds that have been found over the years contain over 100 carat! Many different types of diamonds are found in mines and over the history of diamond mining, also many colored diamonds have been found. Many of them however lack the brilliance of naturally occuring Yellow Diamonds and may look just stained. One in about ten thousand true diamonds found on Mother Earth are as Brilliant as this one.